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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

we got a text this morning from daughter who left yesterday for basic training. She is now in the ARMY. She had a fun ride up to FT Jackson and got there around 10pm last night. All she said in her text was "got 15 min of shut eye...Im tired! Got up at 445" So either they worked her last night or she was too scared to sleep and only got 15 min of rest. I pray it was just the nerves...tonight maybe she will get some good solid rest. PLEASE if you think of it today....say a special prayer for my little big girl! This will be a test of her attitude, endurance and patience!

2 nice people had this to say:

My name is Sarah said...

My mom is telling me about the Army. We are very happy for your daughter. She is a strong woman.

Bethany said...

Oh that is so exciting! I hope they aren't scaring the heck out of her! I think I'd be scared! LOL