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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lyndsey called and said that her Drill Sergant would let her see Michael on Saturday(today) if he was there. His original plan was to go to SC to see his friend graduate her AIT training...but those plans were not going to work so his trip was cancelled....I asked William if we could all load up and take the 6 hr trip to SC to see her.... He thinks that they will only give her just a few minutes to see him, so he doesnt think its a good decision to drive all that way with the girls for just a 5 min visit...

What do yall think??? I so want to go see my girl...

We got 2 letters from her today, she sounds so good in them...sounds like it is TOUGH but she is enjoying it..PRAISE GOD! That has been my prayer and the prayer of many that she would make the best of it and show us all that she can do it.....(Well we knew she could do it, but going without her make up, high heels, jewelry, and dressy clothes...that may be stretching it) I am praying that they will let her call home instead of a we will see...pray she does!!!!

Sorry I havent posted much lately...I have some fun pictures to upload...yesterday I went down to south montgomery to see the new home Extreme Makeover Home edition is building for the Jordan family...and wow...its gonna be beautiful!!!! I seen few of the designers too. I am hoping to go back on Monday when they yell BUSDRIVER ...MOVE THAT BUS! But I have to find a babysitter...William will be out of town.

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