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Sunday, February 8, 2009


SHE CALLED and we got 8 min of phone was hard remembering what to ask her....she sounded great....tired and aggrivated because the girls in her group are still NOT doing what they are suppose to do!!!! She is happy to get letters and is thrilled to see pictures when we send them.

Anyone want to send her a note???? Email me at or leave a comment and i will get you her address.

She said her graduation will be MArch 27th...she is ever so ready. Her uniforms are way too big for her and she is ready to get some new ones. Her drill sergant told her that if she had asked to see William last week when he was there they would have let her.....NOT....they say that now that he's gone!!!! Anyway, it did make her feel alittle better....she said it probably was for the best, she would have broke down and lost it she said....My reply was " a Daddy's hug and gently smile will always make things better!" Pray for my sweet girl...pray she can find the courage to continue on with her training even though her group of girls arent doing what they should. She is ready for this phase of her life to be complete.

Thanks for thinking of her...
She said she has gotten a letter from a friend of mine adopting from England....Anna did you send her a letter???

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whenpigsfly said...

From one military wife and mom to another...I am so proud of Lindsey and Michael!! My husband has been Army (Active duty enlsited, Active duty officer coprs, Reserve OFficer, Reserve enlisted, about to be Reserve Officer again!!) for over 33 years, our oldest three sons are /have served 2 active Army one as civilian contractor, the oldest two are sharing a tour of Iraq right now. I remember so well basic training days when our sons were going through.long hard weeks but they were so proud of themselves and we were so proud of them at the end of Basic/AIT.
Did Lindsey get "smoked" for receiving a letter? When my guys were in Basic a letter from anyone was extra PT and a letter from MOMMY or DADDY was a " SUPER SMOKING!!" HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations to you and your twin soldiers!!!!!
Linda at

Amy said...

You must be so proud of Lindsey and Michael! I'm praying for both of them!:)

Christy said...

I'm so glad you were able to talk... I know that did wonders for you!

Brigitte said...

So proud of her!! We have been praying for her here as well!! March will come sooner than she expects!!

Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...

I didn't! I wonder who it was. I'm glad she's doing reasonably well, I'll be praying for her. I'd be ready to run off home by now!