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Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a glorious day it was in Ft Jackson this morning! William and the twins were able to see one another this morning...attached are a few pictures of the great time together.

We are not Catholic, but we knew that there was only one Catholic mass on Ft all 3 decided that would be the only way they could see one this morning at 8am they finally were all together in one place. William went in his uniform so he could blend in and then in walks the twins. Lyndsey is still on her crutches (I will make another post about all that) and then Michael. They werent sure if it would all pan out or not....The girls arent allowed to sit near the guys so they only had a few minutes to talk before it all started. Michael and William were sitting by one another and Lyndsey and her battle buddy were on the other side.William could see her and he said she cried through the whole service and was looking up at them. Oh I wish I was there....What a sweet moment it was for them. The twins are close and with this seperation, I think its been harder on them then what they thought. During the service lyndsey got up to go to the bathroom and michael seen her so he went as well. They were able to talk for a few minutes in the hall...After the service William snapped this picture of them together....He said that you arent suppose to hug or hold hands AT ALL in the military...BUt my sweet twins were able to get a quick hand holding in when noone was looking.....AWH I love these two!!

Here's to my sweet, brave and very close kiddos...

If you can find time, will you all please remember to pray for them both. Pray for Lyndsey's healing and for Michael's peace.

Thanks to you all!

2 nice people had this to say:

Christy said...

Prayers for your whole family during this time. How is the injury or has she had her recheck yet?

Susan Smith-Alltop said...

LOVE the pics of the twins~ Can't wait to see you soon BFF! XOXO ~S