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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today is a dark and gloomy day. It is storming outside and we are under tornado warnings. G & G are off to school and L&B and I are at home. Im gonna try and get some much needed clean up done today, clothes put away and sheets all washed...hhhmmm unless the weather has other plans for my electricity.

The girls are quickly finishing up their last few weeks of school...Man, Where has this school year gone?? Giovanna talks about school all the time, and I hope that she doesnt get too sad when she doesnt get to go everyday...she loves her teachers...can you tell? We are really frustrated right now as what to do with Lily next school year. Her DOB is 9-9-03 so she misses the cut off for first grade by 7 days.... she has completed private school Abeka kindergarten this year and has done well... the public school wants to put her in kindergarten again because of her birthday....she doesnt need that! Her school she is in now only goes to kindergarten so we are at a loss. All the private school around here are full already for first grade...SO what do we do??? I am so praying for this situation......please stand with me on what to do!!!!

Lyndsey update:
She has moved to a therapy rehab setting for her to heal. She said the moral is TERRIBLE and she wants to leave and come home to do her healing time.... So we will see what happens. If she is home, she is gonna want to do what she wants to do and not really heal.....who knows what will happen.

Michael update
He is so pumped now that he got to spend alittle time with william the other week. He has passed his tests he has taken lately, and just completed his 3 day out in the field. They are gearing up for the 7 day hike and stay in the woods with training. this is the last step before he will graduate. His graduation is scheduled for May 28 and 29th in Ft Jackson SC. He is READY!!
He will then stay there for his AIT training.

thanks for keeping up with us!

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