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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ok I havent posted in a bit, just have had one of those terribly crazy weeks.
Last Friday I was in so much pain, went to the Dr and was told I had bursitis. I have not had that kind of pain before and dont want to ever have it again. It has alot of calcium buildup on the shoulder....IKS! Then as this week started Gabby had her MRI, she did great but was grumpy that in the day...not fun...add it with storms coming through ...4 girls who are terrified when it storms...makes for a long day!

I then woke up Wed with a personal issue and oh boy was I Thurs morning I am at the Dr again...this time I was in tears.. THANKS SHELLEY for listening to my cry~ today I feel 100% better. PRAISE THE LORD!

Wednesday I had to go to the dentist at 8 am for a emergency cavity fill...It was hurting!!!
Wednesday night my son finally returned home from his AIT military training. HE is now officially done with basic training.

Today I will take G & G to school to meet their teachers..School starts Aug 10th. We leave Sun for Gatlinburg for a week and wont return until the following Sun, a day before school starts. The girls are all so excited for vacation and for school to start back.......SO IS MOMMY!!!!!

I can not believe I have 3 girls going into first grade!!!! Bella has one more year of preschool.....she is ready for her big girl school....

Well thats my week..can you say nuts...and pain!!!!

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Tesney said...

Hi Rita!
My husband and I are adopting through RR and I just wanted to tell you that you have a GORGEOUS family! Amanda passed your blog along to me because I live in Alabama too. our blog is