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Thursday, September 10, 2009

has FOUR girls home today! Hoping that the 101 temp this morning at 5:45 and then again at 6:45 was just their warm bodies! PLEASE no Flu in the Andrews house!

Lily is coughing like crazy and Giovanna just seems to not be herself. Bella is just fine, but today is her no school day so she is with us too. Gabby is just kinda slow in her moving around. So we shall see. If they seem worse, we will head to the DR in the morning, if not they all will be in school tomorrow.

Just please pray for us, that it is just nothing but the common cold...our girls just cant afford to get this swine flu!

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soontobemomof9 said...

oh yes, NO FLU! It's hard when they all get it at once. I hvae yet to decide if that is better than one at a time! At least it is over faster... and then you are free to get it.

Praying you can skip the flu at your house!

Your girls are SO cute! Love the picture in the post below! All stars and stripes!