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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good morning all!
Yesterday Giovanna come home from school and the bus driver said she pulled her own tooth on the bus this afternoon. Im the one who brushes them and didnt even know it was loose! She was so excited to show me and then it hit her..."Oh Im suppose to be crying here" so she started her own mini was rather funny!

Bella was so proud of her "coat of many colors" she made at school as well. Man my babies are growing up so fast! Lily had a NO tally day at school....meaning she did everything she was suppose to and did NOT talk in class!!! YEAH!!! Gabby had a good day at school as usual and was so happy to show me her folder!

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Steph said...

Glad to read the girls are all doing well. Bella's coat of many colors was so cute. She is a cutie anyway..I am partial to all that black hair you know. Sounds like lots of excitment at your house with Giovanna loosing another tooth. Darius would be glad to just loose one. He has 1 loose so maybe soon he can join the club. Good to hear from you.