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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well you all have probably wondered what the special day was for today....
Here ya go...

Today 7 years ago in a town in India a precious little girl with Down Syndrome was born. She was not wanted because she was not "perfect" in the eyes of her birth family. This day has never been celebrated as a HAPPY day for this sweet little girl by a family ever! So today I want to celebrate. She is a child that I have never ever held in my arms, I yearn to do this...however it must not be the timing God has for our family...BUT she will FOREVER hold a huge piece of my heart. WE pray for her every single night...all my girls love to pray for her and for God to send her a Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa to love her and protect her. I love to hear their innocent prayers, the voice of a child speaking to God....I know it makes Him smile even larger than I do.

So today, our family is celebrating Varsha's 7th birthday with cake and singing. She will never know we did this, but it will hold a impact on my girls lives forever, especially Lily. She understands that Varsha doesnt have a Mommy and Daddy to love her, tuck her in at night, pray with her, kiss her boo boo's. teach her about JESUS, and to protect her forever. She asks me each night, when is Jesus going to send her mommy and daddy on a airplane to pick her response is this " Jesus is talking to that Mommy and Daddy, and when they are ready..they will go!" PLEASE WONT YOU ALL STAND WITH US IN PRAYER....THAT JESUS WILL ANSWER THE PRAYERS OF MY CHILDREN, Send Varsha her family that will protect her and love her forever.. Deep down inside, I so want it to be our family...because we love her dearly, but if it is not meant to be....LORD PLEASE SEND HER A MOMMY AND DADDY!!! SOON!!!

WE love you sweet Varsha. I may never get to hold you in my arms, but I will forever HOLD you TIGHTLY IN MY HEART! Your life today is being celebrated with love for you....keep smiling that big smile of yours...God will answer your secret prayers soon.

If you want more information about this sweet Varsha, please send me a comment and I will answer what i can for you.

And in celebration of Varsha' birthday...I want to bless another family that has a child with Down Syndrome. My gift is this..two books on teaching your child (something Varsha really needs to succeed in life)

Teaching Math to children with Down Syndrome
Teaching Reading to children with Down Syndrome.

So leave me a comment about how your heart is for the orphans of this world. Have you adopted a child with Down Syndrome and if so how has your life been changed.

I will put all the entries into a hat and let my girls draw a name. The drawing will be done tomorrow to give everyone today to registar. It will close at midnight tonight.

These book are brand new.

11 nice people had this to say:

Meredith said...

Oh.... you know how our lives have been touched! With the birth of our bio daughter w/ Ds 3 1/2 years ago to the addition of two more from Ukraine 18 months ago, Ds, orphans, RR, and God's call on our lives to go and be His feet here has been humbling. I would LOVE to have these books for my 3 with Down syndrome! I have a communication one from the same series but we're ready for math and reading!! :)

harris family journeys said...

Your love for this special little girl brought me to tears!!! Happy Birthday Varsha from the Harris Family! I pray that she will not be alone on another birthday.

Thanks again for your words of encouragement on our journey. I cannot wait for you to meet Joseph and ?.

Love, Jolie

Sarah said...

Oh sweet Varsha, how I love you too! Happy Birthday Sweetheart! More than anything, we'd love for you to find your family today. I pray it's the Andrews as they have loveed you for so long. Please Lord answer the prayers of Rita's little ones and bring sweet Varsha home.
We are soon going to know the joy and challenges of parenting a child with Down syndrome and would love these books.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VARSHA!!! Ohhh how our lives have been touched... we can't even say the full magnitude yet... because our beautiful Kellsey isn't home yet, but soon... VERY soon! We can't WAIT!

June Berger said...

How sweet your love is for Varsha. I have a love like that for my sweet Myung Bo, the son of my heart, he is 13 now, in Korea. We were not allowed to adopt him d/t my health issues. He is there still.

Praying for all the children we love, but for whatever reason, are not able to bring home. It is God's will or they would be in our arms now, but it is so difficult to understand, since we don't have God's eyes.

If you draw my name, please draw another one, I already have both those books ;o)


Leslie said...

I understand your heart for this sweet girl as there is a girl far away that I love and have prayed for and would love to bring home.

We have a beautiful little girl (2yo) with Ds and she has changed our lives in so many amazing ways. My heart is so much bigger for knowing her.

I love this celebration and join you in praying that Varsha would find a forever family soon!


Ninemire said...

What a wonderful oppertunity you are offering others in honor of your beautiful daughters Birthday.
What a great example of "it is better to give then to receice"
I was just telling a new Mom how her week old son would be the gift she never thought to ask for. Our children with DS are to most everyone they encounter are the closest to Jesus one might ever meet here on earth. It is amazing the perspective and love you are able to envelope because you are the parent of a child with Down Syndrome.. I think sometimes the impact is hard to explain.. Praying you had a wonderful Birthday with your family.

Tesney said...

Happy Birthday to Varsha! We have been touched by our Sergey, of course. And also Victoria, who is also in his region. I feel the same way about her as you do Varsha...we pray for her daily.

Lou said...

Happy Birthday to "our" dear sweet Varsha!! We all pray that someday soon she will have her family!
My life has been touched by Down Syndrome ever since I was a teenager volunteering in a special school where there were many children with Down Syndrome. It is now touched daily by our little Mattea, adopted from Ukraine and home since January of this year.
The books sound like a wonderful resource!

Missy said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Varsha!! You share a birthday with ME!! You don't know it but you are a blessed little girl with a family who loves you dearly, though they may never be able to show you on this side of heaven.

We were blessed by our newest gift with DS about 6 weeks ago and are loving every minute of it!

We'd love to have the books to help him prepare, but even if not, we wanted to wish Varsha a very blessed birthday!!

Dear Jesus, please give Varsha an extra big hug on this, her special day!!

Mike said...

Love you mom!