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Monday, December 14, 2009

Well this past weekend the 12th was my big 40th Dday... It was a rainy and dreary day, but William made it wonderful! He scheduled a spa time for me and off I went. I was to follow his text's for my places to go but with the rain and all I just ended back up at the house after the spa and waalaa...there were a few friends over for food, cake and presents. Several of them had to cancel due to the rain, sickness and other holiday parties... I did however enjoy the time together with friends and my husband and 4 of our children.

William totally surprised me and got me the new 3GS iphone in white. I had a iphone but it wasnt the 3GS....I love it! He also loaded me up with itunes gift card. Thanks baby!!!!!

I have been having a really rough time lately with some emotional baggage so if you all would please lift me up in prayer I sure would appreciate it.

Lyndsey flies home on Friday and will be here for two weeks. She is excited to finally be coming home. The last time she was here was back in April. The girls are so excited to see her too. Michael will be coming home the day after Christmas for a week so I will have all my kiddos under the same roof again, for a short time anyway. PTL!

Well I hope you all have a fantastic day. Tonight is Isabella's Christmas program so it should be cute....she is a cat in the play...MEOW!

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