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Monday, May 24, 2010

These are just a few pictures I took with my cell phone. April did all the pictures and I am waiting on the CD. The girls had a blast. We had 20 princessess join in on the party and they all had a great time. WE started off with doing a princess craft project and games, the on to the food, dancing, musical chairs and gifts...whew 2 hours flew by. We were suppose to do a fashion show and time just got away and I forgot AFTER we already had several girls leave. WE had 4 teen girls come help us and that was a big help.

Giovanna and Gabby were so excited to see all their friends dressed up and dancing with them. What a sweet time. Its moments like this, I sit back and think....where would they be right now at this moment if GOD hadnt spoke to us to travel around the world to adopt them???? Thank you JESUS for calling us~

Happy birthday to our sweet princesses...Giovanna and Gabby

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