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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Orlando, we are here

We got here on Monday. William has a work conference and it couldnt have fallen at a better time. The down syndrome conference is this weekend here in Orlando as well so we are staying here till Sunday...woo hoo!!! the hotel we are at is the caribe royal and we love it! We have plenty of room, in the suite, and we are overlooking the huge pool from the 10 th floor. William's sister Karen came with us as well I'm sure she is rethinking that....she isn't used to having four little active excited girls running around all day...we stayed in the large kiddie pool all day yesterday and when William got off work we hit the family pool with the large slide. the girls were in high heaven. There has been so many people watching our every move, kids and adults alike, and last night a lady finally got up and come to the edge of the pool and introduced herself to me. She was so amazed with the girls and was shocked that they were so close in age, three having down syndrome and then that they were all adopted... I love sharing our story, brining glory to God each time of his grace and mercy. Tonight a couple also just loved watching us in the pool. She kept saying...y'all look so happy and are having so much fun....well yes we are and yes we are, then the lady who approached us last night, told her twin sister about us and they were in the pool again tonight with their kids. They sat there and watched us and then she finally got up and come over to us...she said again that we look happy and she said that we are such special people...I told her prompty that we arent anything speical, just the average American family doing our calling from God. Why don't people get that?

Well tomorrow we are finally hooking up with some of our online down syndrome friends...we have followed each others blogs and watched kids grow through photos and a lot of us aree finally getting to meet.....I just can't wait! I'm on the iPad so I can't upload photos until we get home, or will had some periodly on my facebook page....

Here is a fun filled nice day signing off...

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