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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I AM SO READY TO START MY GARDEN. I THINK THIS WEEKEND I AM GOING TO START BUILDING IT AND THEN I CAN START FILLING IT ALL IN.....It sure is going to take some time and money to fill it all in with soil and compost but I cant wait. I love planting bell pepper, banana pepper, tomatoes, strawberries, and this year Im gonna try cantaloupe, sunflowers and some herbs. I cant wait. Any tips out there, please do share. I have always had a SMALL spot off my back deck and did tomatoes in containers, but this year Im going somewhat bigger....William doesnt want me too, he thinks I should just buy it at the store and not worry with it...but I enjoy it!

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suelmayer said...

Wow, you must be someplace warm. Here in Wisconsin we are bracing for the next 2 snow storms. Spring...what is that??? Hope your garden grows well!!!