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Saturday, April 30, 2011

As many of you know we live in Alabama and were buckled down for the awful tornado that ripped through the state. We were all in the laundry room as the siren's were going off. I was a nervous wreck. The week previously we had another horrible storm/tornado that hit just 10 miles NW of us. Not good! It demolished a church and killed three people...friends of a friend of mine. Just horrible. William was out of town for that storm, but thankfully he WAS here for this last one. All of us, including lyndsey were in the laundry room/bathroom. We were listening to the news and following along with our laptop. When the siren's kept going off, and they were telling our area to take cover, I was just a mess! I am so sad to say that it totally destroyed the town just past us, this time to the NE of us about 12 miles. So many dead. So many friends of friends of ours....gone! Homes gone, family heirlooms gone, lives lost! Tuscaloosa was also hit so terribly hard, along with Birmingham and Culman. I just cry for all the lives lost! Terribly lost and such a horrible devestation. A young girl from our town had moved to T-town to start college in the fall...she and her room mate were sucked out of their apartment and killed. She was on the phone with her mom, while her mom watched the news coverage and telling her daughter to take cover.....while on the phone, Loryn told her mom she was so terribly scared, all the while her mom said I love you , it will be ok....and when the phone went silent, she knew at that moment her daughter was gone. Gone to heaven and no longer where her mom could hold her. Lyndsey, our daughter knew loryn...alot of folks around town knew her....everyone is so sad.... Please pray for the Brown and Mims family as they are mourning the loss of their daughters, and all the many friends of theirs.

We are all safe, no damage at all to our home and now we stand together as a community to see what and how we can help others, rebuild and get some kind of normalcy to their lives....

Im so glad Im alive and can type this....after seeing this video and watching the news, you can really see just how much this horrible storm, changed the lives of people in ALABAMA forever!

If you click on the words underlined they are links to take you to the video's or stories to what Im talking about.

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