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Monday, September 10, 2007



Her birthday was Sunday Sept 9th. We had a busy day with church, then out to eat at the Mexican restaurant so they could sing Happy Birthday in spanish and then home to play and open some presents. She will be having a small party at school on Monday and then her party at home in a few weeks...daddy will be out of town this weekend so we have to put it off for a few weeks. She was so EXCITED to open presents JUST for her! This is the first year she has had someone celebrating her birth!!! She is finally with her Forever family!!! She gave William and I a hug and looked at us and said "Thank you Mommy and Daddy". too sweet! She continues to improve with her adapting but still is a struggle at times.
She hasnt been feeling well so after lunch on Sunday all she wanted to do was lay on my chest......what a bonding time for us....and WE NEEDED IT! She layed there for almost 2 hours just looking up at me. I pray her thoughts were all good....LOL! Today, Monday I had to take her to the Dr's and she has bronchitus (sp)......she is on meds for 7 days. I pray she gets better soon!!!
Happy Birthday to you , Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Lily ---Happy Birthday to you!!! I love you, Mommy!

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Amy W said...

Happy Birthday Lily! Hope you are feeling better soon, sweet girl!