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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Heart condition

I just wanted to post a picture of my princess Giovanna soon after we found her in Guatemala

She was so sickly and was so waiting for her FOREVER family to find her. She needed open heart surgery desperatly! She was 13 mo old and weighed just shy of 1o pds. She is now a bubbly 5 yr old and sassy as all get out! Here she is with her BIG sister Lyndsey a few weeks ago on the day we pulled her first 2 teeth. She is such a trooper.

We are so blessed to have Gabby and Isabella doing Excellant with their hearts and not needing surgery. For all of you out there that are on the roller coaster of special needs adoption and you are worried that your new little one will not achieve much because of their current condition,....Think again. We were so worried for Giovanna. But through many of months praying for her and visitng her she DID blossom into this beautiful princess! Keep the faith!!! Our God is in the miracle business.

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