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Friday, September 14, 2007

Well on Wednesday William and I loaded all 4 girls up and went to Birmingham to the eye Dr for Gabby and Lily. WE got great news for Lily...her eyes are need for glasses at all and he will recheck them when she is around K or 1st grade. So that is great. She had just been given glasses in the orphanage in April so we can say "Bye Bye" to them. Gabby on the other hand......she has Nystagimus in her eyes. He said that the optical nerves in both eyes are swollen. He has scheduled a MRI to check it all out. We are praying it is NOT what he is thinking.....that would be she either has too much fluid on the brain (which would require a shunt) too much fluid on the spinal cord (not exactly sure how they would do that one) or a few other things he mentioned. Please stand with me in prayer and lift her up.....Idjust dont want anything to be wrong....BUT if that is what the Lord has, then We need guidance on how to handle it all and what to do...I know HE is in the MIRACLE business!!!!!! We are trying to get the MRI appointment now, they will have to totally put her to sleep as this will take alittle time to get all the pictures they need too.

William in at Ft Rucker on the firing range this weekend. He has to set up the range for the other soldiers and oversee it he will be home on Sunday. I miss him dearly when he is gone.

Lyndsey and Michael (my babies) are turning 18 on the 29th!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe it!!! I look at them and think wow....they are the age William and I were when we met and fell in love.....NO NOT my kiddos....... Yes we married at 19 yrs old and have been married forever it seems. I miss Michael as he is still working in Rose Mary BCH Fl. He is such a good young man, looking for a good young woman....LOL.....Lyndsey on the other hand could care less about guys and getting married...well I mean she likes to go out with them, but wants NOTHING to do with getting serious. She says she is going to be 40 before she marries and has children. LOL!I hope you all have a blessed day....

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AZmomto7 said...

Sorry to hear about Gabby, that is a scary condition to contemplate, I always thought nystagimus was common in children with Down syndrome? Praying it is just part of her being the special girl she is!

Happy birthday to your twins!

Amy W said...

You have such a beautiful family! Prayers for Gabby, she is so darling!

adopted Caleb (DS) from Russia 2005

Shelley said...

Praying with you Rita! Keep us updated.