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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have to share this short story with you all!

I was downstairs getting Isabella settled yesterday while giovanna was upstairs (we have a tri level house) and Gabby and Lily were napping....She got really quiet.

Then I hear dishes moving around and the drawers open and close. I put Bella down and go to the kitchen to see my Princess Giovanna trying her best to un load the dishwasher. She had all the plates out and on the counter in a stack, all the bowls and cups out and then was trying to put away the silverware (it wasnt a full load thank goodness) She was so darn cute. She does like to help when I do it so I guess she figured she knew what she was doing.... I looked at her and said "What are you doing?" She looked at me with such a innocent sweet face and said"Me Big girl, I help Mommy!" Oh my you just dont know I about cried!!!! It hit me, she really is getting to be such a big girl and at 5 yrs old.... I cant believe this is the little 20 mth old we brought home 3.5 yrs ago that could barely do anything at all!!!! PTL She is such a angel to me. I love all my girls (and one boy) dearly but out of all our adoptions, Giovanna's just still is so special. I guess we longed for another for so long, 14 yrs that getting her was an answer to my long awaited prayers. God is so good!!! Then the floadgates to adopion opened up and here we are 3.5 yrs later with 4 blessings in tow!

HAve a blessed day, just had to share.

3 nice people had this to say:

AZmomto7 said...

That is so sweet!! I love reading about your girls.

wvamom said...

How wonderful! I had tears in my eyes! Those are the moments you just live for as a parent, and even more special when you have a child who has needed extra help along the way--all those achievements are a true victory!


Shelley said...

What a beautiful story! I look forward to the day whrn I can look back at photos of Xander & say "Was he really that small?"