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Sunday, October 14, 2007

She is back to her old self!

With much prayer....Isabella is back to her old self. She really had us worried...She has been sick throwing up, running fever, NOT eating OR drinking since Monday night. Finally yesterday, she started to drink and eat. When we took her to the hospital, they did IV, antibotics and run lots of tests. They thought it was rotovirus or salminila but i believe the tests were all NEG. So it must have been a terrible virus! She lost 3 pounds this week. She does however have a double ear we will continue the antibotics until all finished. I think she thought she hadnt eaten in a year,because she drank more yesterday than she had in a week.....GOOD SIGN. Anyway this morning she is back to being boss and I am very thankful for that. I am just praying it does NOT make its way through the house.....

Im excited to say that another friend from church called us a while back and said they felt led to give us their paid spot at the marriage conference this weekend AND watch our girls for us!!!!!! We just confirmed that we would take them up on this with the exception that noone gets sick this everyone PLEASE pray that the girls stay well and that William and I can get a well deserved time together in God's word! We NEED this alone time more than we know!

Sorry I didnt post yesterday but it was a crazy day with the girls, William has drill this weekend, and Im trying to get caught up on a weeks worth of housework.....our social worker comes tomorrow at 12:30 for our 1st post placement visit for our Colombian adoption. They require 3.

Until next time....

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AZmomto7 said...

Praying that no one else gets sick so you and hubby can spend time together.

I am so relieved that Bella is doing better.

Kris L.

wvamom said...

How terrific that you guys get to go the marriage conference! I'm praying that nothing will stand in your way!

wvamom said...

Also, forgot to mention--we did the Buddy Walk here in Chas. WV yesterday--it was great fun and our oldest son had a wonderful time. Had his hair painted bright red and said, "Mom here's the Cooper genes coming through!" He loved that the cheerleaders from the local h.s. were there at the finish line to cheer them all on! There were a ton of participants and "buddies" there--it's good to see so many people supporting our special blessings. A local pediatrician sponsored a group of walkers-they had matching tees with the names of the 11 kids who are their d.s. patients there. She said she tells them, "You are my best friends..." She received an award from the Chapter. There was not a dry eye in the house.