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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Stomach bug has hit!

Please pray for Isabella as I think the BUG has finally hit the Andrews' home. She hasnt eaten since yesterday at lunch and when i do give her fluids they come up within 20 min. Waiting to go to the base in the AM so please pray that noone else gets it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wvamom said...

Yikes! So sorry to hear Isabella is sick, and I hope it doesn't go around! I remember a time when we all got the same bug, and I finally had to declare myself well enough to transport our 7 year old to the hospital--twice in the same evening--to be tested for dehydration and to get an IV. It's amazing the difference it made for her, though.

Saying a prayer for you! Glad to hear you had some better news on Gabby at the neuro.

Christina said...

Sorry to hear about the bug, but the good news is that Vince pulled your name in the Rubber Wellies contest!

Send me an email with the desired color, preferably cm size of foot, and the address where to ship it, and I will get it on the way!

Congrats again

Christina and Vincent

Rita said...

YEAH WE WON!!!!!!!!! Your kidding me...we never win anything!! so excited.