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Thursday, October 11, 2007

WE WON the drawing!

Check this out. In Honor of Down Syndrome month Christina and Prince Vince had a drawing for these awesome shoes.....and we won. It was for one pair, but Christina emailed me and said to pick one for each of the girls...........Oh they are going to love these. Also you gotta see Prince Vince he is a handsome doll with DS. Above is a few shots of him....enjoy!!!! And I will post a pic of the girls in them as soon as we get them from Austria ......
Thanks Christina and Prince Vince for drawing the Andrews Princesses for your great shoes.

2 nice people had this to say:

wvamom said...

That Prince Vince is adorable! He looks so much like our son Wes at that age--the Gerber baby, our physical therapist used to call him. Your girls really will love those boots! Our 3 year old son loves his--he thought he should wear them as often as possible, whether or not it was raining.

Meredith said...

Oh how sweet of her to send one for each of the girls!