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Saturday, November 17, 2007

just look at this face!!!

This is a picture of our Lily (on the left) and her best friend Nicole in the orphanage in Bogota Colombia. They were such good friends. When we got to Bogota we found out that Nicole had just gotten her clearance for adoption. WE would have taken her in a instant to keep them all together as they had been raised just like sisters, but we didnt have approval for 3. BUT the great news is she did get a family right after we left and I do believe she is in the USA now with her forever family. Isnt adoption GREAT??!! Thanks so much Shaydia for this picture.... I so love to get photos of our girls when they were younger and love getting ones with friends so they will have them one day when they have questions....

When I showed this picture to Lily, she light up and smiled...I know she misses her dear friend!

2 nice people had this to say:

Amy W said...

Oh, how darling!!! That would be really nice if they could see each other again one day.

William Michael said...

mom, you need to find out where this little girl lives so lilly can go see her.