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Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend in review.......

Well Friday William took off from work and we prepared for our garage sale on Saturday while the girls were in school. We did get alot done....Friday night after they were in bed we finished up pricing and hanging up clothes on racks.

Saturday was the big day......Garage cleaning day...yard sale........I love going to these sales and this is what gets me into trouble....I buy way too much stuff for my girls....but hey my moto is....even if they play with it a short time, the had a good time and I DIDNT pay full retail for it.........but then its time to clean it all out and get ready for we did accomplish alot. we made a nice amount and took a nice amount to the goodwill. NOW HERE COMES THE BEST PART..................................

Lyndsey and Michael bought William and I a couple's massage last Christmas..........we are just using it!!!!! We went to for the massage at 2:00 and it was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! Either one of us had had one before so this was a TREAT! WE were there for 1 hour and i was in heaven!!! My favorite part was the neck, face and shoulders....she spent alot of time and I thought I had dyed and gone to heaven...LOL. We vowed to one another we would HAVE to do this again very soon!!! WE told the kids we wanted another massage for Christmas and we promised NOT to take a year to use we will see!

Sunday we decided to do something FUN in the we loaded the girls up and went to the mall. They loved running around, throwing change in the water fountains, riding the caroseal, riding all the fun little .50 rides, eating, watching the ice skaters, and finally the day ended with a cookie in the food court and a ride home. They were wiped out!!! I was so glad they had fun.

Monday was a lazy day for us....the girls played around the house, I cleaned, william went to Birmingham looking for a new car for himself, and the bath, dinner and bed! The night ended with the good ol time cartoon...Tom and Jerry. The girls are in love with this cartoon...everyday the ask for the cat and mouse!!! Funny to hear them.

I hope you all had a great weekend as well. Pictures in the AM.

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