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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well, I just want to say we are having a great few days.....the girls seem to be on the mend, just fighting a nasty cough...but overall doing well.

Organization.............oh how I so desperately want to be organized.....anyone out there have tips on things you have done, to your child's room, your office, laundry room etc.....I just am feeling so overwhelmed. William and I spent 4 hours last night working on filing, going through bills, etc....and now its all onto othe shelves in the office.....books galore, that we just dont read. I know we do have alot of stuff, I'm an addict for kids things. But with having 3 girls with DS I feel like I have to find every toy out there that will help them with therapy.....I am a total thrift shopper, consignment sales, Goodwill, etc.....but still way too much things. HELP! I want to overcome this "Kids STUFF Addict syndrome I have" so any tips would be great. I plan on shipping some clothes and maybe even some toys to a few online friends who have just welcomed a angel into their home as well, so maybe it will bless them too!

SO HELP out there..........I'm willing to hear them all!!!

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The Urbans said...

Rita, I think the best thing to do is what you're doing...decluttering! Sorry I can't be of more help. I did read a really good book called "Confessions of an Organized Housewife.' Unfortunately the book got dropped in the toilet and I was very ashamed to tell the librarian...the book obviously didn't help me too much (HA) but it did have some really great practical tips! I'll be checking back though to see if anybody else has anything brilliant!

wvamom said...

Okay, this sounds simplistic, but can you gather all the little toys of the same type and find a bin for each? We used the cheapo version of Rubbermaid containers for our Fisher Price little people, another box for trains, etc.

I also did something that worked really well for cleanup last week--I don't know how well your girls could do given their ages but you could try. I picked up everything in a particular room that didn't belong there, put it in a box, then handed the box to a child who had to put the stuff where it belonged. Not perfect but sure easier than doing it myself.

The other thing I have done a little of that I need to do more of is throw away old papers, like utility bills (who looks at those after, say 10 years??), and other things we'll never use again. That's a tough one.

I admire you for working on organizing with so many little ones!


Stephanie said...

When I was in Early Intervention I started noticing that if kids have too many options, they won't play with anything (or will play with the same thing over and over). So I rotate toys. I keep favorite toys out all the time, but the rest is rotated, and whatever is not out is kept at the top of Asher's closet. It works well, in teaching and in decluttering, I think. And it doesn't take very long to do or maintain.

But if you figure out how to get a better handle on bills and office stuff, please let me know! We're the worst at organizing our paperwork.

William Michael said...

Called give it all away, so when i come home i dont trip on clothes and toys!

Andrews Family Adoption said...

The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one!!


Rita Andrews said...

OK all see even my husband and son are chiming in here....LOL!

William Michael said...

hehe, glad you are changing your lifestyle and cleaning house

ugagirl30 said...


I have the same problem. I am struggling to get organized. As hard as it is, I have gone through the girls toys, Ryan's toys, kitchen cabinets, pantry, etc. and just thrown stuff away. I refuse to live this unorganized life anymore. I realize that my children's unorganization is a direct reflection of mine. Leigh can probably offer you some pretty good advice because she wants to be a professional organizer. Good luck and let me know if you get some really good tips!~Heather

Charissa said...

Rita, Your son and husband are cracking me up!!