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Friday, February 22, 2008

Update on Michael

My son did well. He is pretty sore, and it was really scary at first when he come home. He was bleeding alot and having to change the gauze pads in his mouth. I have been able to give him 2 small milkshakes, and gatorade and his pain meds. He about passed out earlier when he got up but William and I caught him and lowered him to the floor. I think he was just really out of it and got up to fast.

Thanks for your prayers. Continue to lift him up as he will also be in pain/discomfort for a few more days.

2 nice people had this to say:

schoolmother said...

Hope things go well with your son. And I never said anything to you about how glad I am you made it through the tornado. I never heard of a tornado in February.

William Michael said...

Thanks for all your prayers.
I hope to be feeling back to 100% very soon and eating normal again.