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Monday, February 4, 2008

Sorry Ive been MIA

I got sick last week and just wasnt myself, and by Friday night my throat hurt so bad I hardly could swollow. I had to get everything ready for the kids consignment sale as Sat was the LAST day of drop off, and I had been sick all you guessed it....not everything got tagged and taken to the sale.....

After spending 6 hours in Pri Med on Sunday I found out I didnt have strep but a Bad sinus and ear how just 24 hours on medicine can make one feel better. I have my voice back and some energy....but still feels like Im snorting salt water...I feel dizzy at times but other than that Im fine.

PRAISE REPORTS.........please find the link to the right that says " Mike and Meredith Cornish adoption" AND the Urbans adoption..........Both families are in Ukraine right now, and The Urban's have a RECORD time of in and out...I think like 2 weeks.........and their 10 day wait time was waived...........Oh how our precious heavenly Father showed himself during the whole process............Please pray for the Cornish Family as they have had some major dissapointments, but now they have found their 2 new angels that will be joining their family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So pray hard that they will be home their other 2 great kiddos and make a family of 6!!!!!

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