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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter weekend

Well I pray you all had a Great Easter Sunday celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ and enjoying your families. We left on Friday and went to Panama City Beach to see my family. We were thrilled to see our son Michael, and the girls got to meet cousins, Aunts and Uncles that they havent met yet. They all had a blast. Late Friday night William, Lyndsey and I headed down to Rose Mary Beach to see Michael "In Action" on the job. That was nice to only son becoming a Man of Christ.

Friday night we PIZZA with the family, the girls favorite. On Saturday, William and I took the 4 little ones to a Easter egg hunt at the park near the beach and they had a BLAST. It was put on by a group there for special needs children and their families...oh it was wonderful. They had music playing, games to play, a moon walk to play on and best of all EGGS to hunt.

Wal-Mart donated about 800 STUFFED eggs, 200 Easter basket and grass. There were only about 25 kids show to say the least each kiddo walked away with about 3-4 baskets FILLED with eggs. It was so much fun, for them to be able to HUNT (well pick up off the large park grass) for eggs, without being PUSHED over by "typical" kids that know exactly what to do SORRY, I JUST DONT KNOW ANOTHER WAY TO SAY IT....ALL KIDS ARE TYPICAL, BUT MY GIRLS JUST DONT YET GRASP THE CONCEPT OF EGG HUNTING.... They just had a great time playing.

We had fun meeting other families from that area and watching them all interact with others... No one in my family wanted to go, but we did so it was just William, myself and all the girls....and we are glad we went...they had a good time. WE come home and ate lunch with one of my brothers and my only sister and their families and kiddos and then did another EGG hunt with the cousins...Man, can you say we have tons of eggs.

My son wanted to take us all to eat at Caraba's Italian restaurant and that was fantastic food!!

Sunday we got up and headed to church with my parents and then to lunch. Went back to moms and packed up to leave by 3:00

I think overall today as I open and empty all the eggs, I have lost count at over 225 eggs....That is ALOT of candy!!! Looks like we will be taking some to preschool to share...

Have a great day. I will add pictures of the weekend later tonight.

3 nice people had this to say:

William Michael said...

GLAD You all could come down!

William Michael said...

GLAD You all could come down!

wvamom said...

Rita, I know exactly what you mean about the Easter egg hunt. I remember taking our son for a community egg hunt when he was small and he would about get run over by the other competitive kids. I was always afraid he would end up with nothing. On the other hand, there were always children (mostly that we didn't even know) who would look at his empty basket and their full ones and share theirs with him. What a blessing and what an opportunity for them to learn to help others.

I'm glad your kids had a great time.