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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yesterday was a beautiful day~

Sorry for the yuck in the background....our lovely neighbor doesnt keep a clean yard...we need a privacy fence on that side!

When we woke up yesterday morning it was just gorgeous here. The girls were dressed and ready to go outside. WE played a good bit and worked in the yard. William got the lawn mower out and got it ready for summer...started to cut grass (first time this year) and I played with the girls. The temp was getting really nice so i turned on the sprinkler....well this was a first for ALL my girls...Giovanna and Bella just always played in their little pool so this was a fun day for them all. Here are a few pictures and video of our fun Saturday in Alabama.

Then we must not forget.....we had to get cleaned up so we could go meet Mrs. Amy's new bundle of joy....Hunter. He was born last Friday and was now home.... Amy, is Giovanna's private speech therapist. We have talked about Mrs Amy's baby for months we had to go see him. I forgot my camera, so hopefully Amy will email me a pic.....PLEASE Mrs me a cute pic so we can brag on Mr Hunter! Giovanna and Lily were thrilled to see him...and talked about it all night at dinner! I hope the girls like the KFC and we will get your gift to you....I cant believe I forgot it!

Enjoy the Funny faces of the girls.....Tomorrow is Bella's FOREVER FAMILY ADOPTION DAY...SO STAY TUNED!

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Michelle said...

Rita - Send some sunshine and warm weather up this way, will ya :o) The girls are so cute!!! I can't wait to read about Bella's adoption story!