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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

On this special day I would like to say HAPPY MOTHERS day to my very own Mom. She is a wonderful and compassionate woman whom I love dearly....and on this day I think of 3 other woman. My girls birthmothers..they have all made a very HUGE decision and Im sure this is a very difficult day for them. I pray that they all know their girls are loved more than anything and are in a good Chrisitian home! I think of them all so often. I have had the honor to meet Isabella's birthmom when she was 7 months old and I will treasure that week we spent together forever. I got to know her and two of her 4 boys and have many pictures of them all together. She is a sweet and lovely lady. I probably will never get the honor of meeting Gabby and Lily's mom as that was not a very good situation so not sure if we will pursue that now or if at all. Giovanna on the other hand....we are gettting ready to do a birthmother search in Guatemala and I pray she will be easily found. I SO WANT to meet this lady and bring Giovanna with us. I want her to see this happy healthy and LOVED angel that she blessed us with. I want her mind to rest at ease with knowing she is healthy and cared for. The last time she seen her she was deathly sick with her heart condition. Pray for us in this situation that it is a good one all the way around.
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL MY FRIENDS in blogland. Enjoy your special day. And to my Mommy...I love you!

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