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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well today was a good day. I woke up early just out of the blue at 6 am to go to the bathroom, I decided since I was up I would go to a few yardsales..I havent gone to ANY this year so far... I got dressed and headed out the door. My first stop I was so thrilled...I found the girls a blue Little TYkes merry-go-round. I had seen one of these a while back but it wasnt for sale..but today I found their toy for just $5.00! I was totally thrilled. William claims our backyard looks like we run a school or daycare, but hey it has all come from yard sales so probably for less than $100 we have tons of stuff! They will be getting a new fancy swing set /jungle gym though soon!

When I got home from yard sales, we just hung around until Lyndsey and Michael made it home from Florida. Lyndsey asked me to go to town with her, so off to the shower i went. Lyndse, Lily and I went to Montgomery and ended up at Hobby Lobby! I love that store! I have several sewing projects to do now...and 2 of them needs to get done by Tuesday for their birthday.

TOMORROW IS GIOVANNA GRACE'S 6TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I cant believe that my angel baby will be 6 years old! I just asked William what he thought about her birthmom!!! Does she still remember her on this special day? Does she wonder what ever become of this beautiful daughter she loved so much? Does she wonder if she survived her terrible heart condition and ever joined a family that adores her? This woman will always hold a VERY special place in my heart. Through the adoption paperwork, we have found out her terrible past with her husband and the way she come to the decision to place Giovanna for adoption...and then her being born with the heart condition and Down Syndrome she just knew she had to place her! WEll we are the lucky or shalll I say VERY BLESSED people to raise her and call her OUR LOVED DAUGHTER! So tomorrow will be the day that we REJOICE that she WAS born!!! What better way to spend my Mother's Day than to celebrate not only being a Mom to my wonderful children, but the birth of one special little lady!

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Reba said...

Happy birthday, Giovanna. I often wonder about the birthmothers of both of my kiddos, especially as days like Mother's Day approaches...what a special gift they have given.