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Thursday, May 8, 2008

We have had a good day so far....

Well this morning the girls got up and were done eating and being dressed by 8:30 so we got our shoes on and headed outside. They had a blast. WE got our back porch ready for summer, moved around our playhouse and finally set up our Little Tykes Cottage playhouse outside. It had been in their bedroom forever and since they love playing in their room with other toys as well, I decided to remove it and set it up outside. So now there are 2 playhouses outside and we made like alittle courtyard, with the houses, kitchen, 2 picnic tables and other toys.... They had a fun time having snack time outside and kept calling it their picnic.

The girls were thrilled to play outside all morning. About 11:30 we headed inside and went straight to the bathtub! They love the tub. WE ate lunch and Bella went down for a nap while the big girl took a rest in the living room watching their all time favorite movie SHREK!

The weather is suppose to get yucky here this afternoon, so now the inside chores start....laundry, laundry and more laundry along with dishes! What fun it is to be MOM.

This weekend is our special day so hopefully there will be NO cleaning on Sunday!

Giovanna's 6th birthday falls on Mother's day this year! Gabby's 6th birthday is on the 28th so they will have a joined party at the YMCA play center on Tuesday evening with pizza, cake and lots of fun! Be on the lookout for pictures!

2 nice people had this to say:

Stephanie said...

What a fun day.

Are you adopting another child?

William Michael said...

Cant wait to come home and eat a picnic with the girls!