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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The IEP meeting....

Sorry I forgot to post to the blog....

WE were nervous about the meeting, but when we were there, we started to lighten up a little bit.. They didnt agree with everything we were wanting but it wasnt too far off. We will try it for the first few weeks of school and see how it goes...if we dont see improvement or like the paraprofessional we will call another IEP and try it our way.

Gabby will be in the self contained class for all her acedemics and then right before lunch will come into the regular class for lunch, playtime, PE etc.....Giovanna will be in total inclusion with an aide for her and no more than 2 other kids. She will be getting the one on one she needs with the aide. Gabby really needs the self contained room for the more focused situations because she really has no clue about alot of the "school" things she should already know. Giovanna is doing so well....but she still NEEDS alot of help with transition, potty and a few other little things.

PLEASE pray for us as Im just so nervous about her going to school. She or Gabby can tell me if anything has happened, if anyone has done anything to them, if their therapist showed up or i so need the feel GODS peace! I know socially they both will do fantastic!

HAve a blessed day.

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wvamom said...

How well I remember those days! I still feel so protective of our son with ds, and he is 15 now. But he did great and I'm sure your daughters will as well. He started in a headstart preschool at age 3, and was not pottytrained at all for 10 more months! Of course that is long behind us now--now we get to worry about things like his interest in the opposite sex; his lack of interest in schoolwork, etc.

I have always taken the position that if the IEP isn't working out, we can call another meeting and figure something else out. I haven't typically had to do that. More than anything else, I have had individual parent-teacher conferences, scheduled as we see a need. With only a couple of exceptions, I have found that teachers were very ready to help, although some of them needed ideas as to how they could make accommodations in their work for Wes.

You are in my prayers. I know everything will be fine, but I also know we worry because we love our kids and want the best for them. You are a great mom!

Coosada Elementary said...

I am glad you felt the IEP went well! We thought it went GREAT! We are truly looking forward to meeting your precious children. You should check out our Coosada Elementary blog
We look forward to working together to meet the needs of your sweet girls! :) See you soon!