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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mystery shopping????

Anyone out there ever done this? I have gotten emails from this company now for over 2 yrs and have always just deleted them...well a few weeks ago i thought i would give it a try. I did a nice lunch Deli called Jason's Deli and then today I did the Burger King on with only 2 under my belt and both of them UNSUCCESSFUL I was wondering if anyone out there has ever done this. I know its not my fault if they dont do what the survey says but GESH.. I sure would love to turn in one that has done it correctly.

I thought both shops overall in my own opinion did well...and I will go back to both of them in the future. I would really like to do some retail shops....not just food ones. If anyone that lives in a fairly somewhat large area you outta check it out....its fast, fun and you get paid. Im hoping to do at least 3-4 a month...not much money but hey if im gonna go to lunch with my hubby I might as well get it for free and paid for my time..right?

Have a good day.

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June Berger said...

I've done mystery shops in the past, none recently, but should start up again. I do it for the same reason you do. A free lunch with hubby and a couple other dollars for gas. Retail shops are nice, can buy a small gift to put aside for birthdays or Christmas, or even a gift card. Sometimes it will only pay $5 for a gift card, but if you add another $5 you can get a decent little gift for someone, or a stocking stuffer for the kids. It's been half and half whether they pass or not, but that's what the company wants, honest feedback. Have fun doing it. June