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Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Dear Lyndsey

Her job that she currently has, has given her the pink slip! On Thursday her secretary job will come to an end. They are really tight on money right now and said that with business slow they have to let her go and just forward calls to their cell phones...

She has shown an intrest in going to Panama City Beach with Michael and live at my parents, work there full time and go to school there...So she put a call into my dad, and he talked to one of the companies renting from him in his strip plaza and she has an interview there on Friday. It will be for a Window company that sells to contractors there on the beach. I believe it will also be a full time secretary job and she can go to college there at Gulf Coast Community College. The tuition there about floored us....we are paying now right at $200 a semester hour for her to go here at Auburn University Montgomery campus and there it is only $69 a with that all said it is worth her going just for the school tuition break. MAN, college has gone up! Im sure there are more expensive schools out there, but for us paying out of pocket so she can be debt free its killing us! She finally applied for financial aide so we will see how that goes with the new school.

Here is my oldest beauty! She went shopping last night and come home with these shorts...she said "Mom did you wear these when you were my age..." I almost died....YES all the style from the 80's is so coming back and my baby is wearing them!!!
I will miss her dearly if she chooses to go there but it will be good for her to get out from underneath us and see what it is all about. Her and Michael will still have one another and that will be good for both of them as well. He gets so homesick so having his twin sister there will be nice....Lyndsey on the other hand loves to be away and this should work for both of them.
I love you my dear will always be my first baby girl! I love you!

3 nice people had this to say:

Alltop said...

Linz, You are a BLAST from the past- I think I had an outfit just like that. ~SSA

WheresMyAngels said...

That is so funny cause I noticed the pleats right away, only my 80's shorts had lot's of holes in them and were fringed!! lol

Charissa said...

Yes, the outfit brings back some memories. It always amazes me how styles come back around when you least expect it. She is beautiful Rita!