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Monday, May 5, 2008

A day of relaxation!!!!

For Christmas my awesome hubby bought me a day at the spa....I havent gotten to use it yet, so today is the day!!! I am so looking forward to a massage & facial. I have to go back on Wednesday though for my manicure and pedicure because the girl is out two days of some relaxation...sounds wonderful to me. Here is the link if you wanna come for a day..

The girls only have a few more weeks of preschool. Giovanna, Gabby and Lily have their preschool graduation on May 19th and their last day is the 21st. I cant believe it is here already. What am i gonna do with 4 little girls all summer long....anyone have any suggestions? Gas prices are gonna be a killer and I drive a surburban......YIKES!

Have a blessed day..

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Jenny said...

I can't believe that won't be at the Day School next year! I'm going to miss seeing them! Let me know if you want to get the kiddos to play any this summer ~