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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pre K graduation....

Blogger for some reason, isnt letting me add more keep checking back for Giovanna and Gabby's class pic

Where did this school year go???All 4 of the little ones will be totally finished with Preschool in the morning....tomorrow schools out for summer! Giovanna, Gabriella and Lily have now moved on to Big Girl in the fall I will have 3 in Kindergarten....Oh my!

They all did fantastic during their program last night. Giovanna never once cried, called out to us, or got up from her seat....that was awesome! Gabby and Lily were a hoot! Gabby, was so worried about her gown, that every single time she had to sit down, the WHOLE dress and gown come up around her panties for all to see..... they did great.

Enjoy seeing my angel babies....
I thought this song was very appropriate for my girls. We are coming up to our one year anniversary of our FAMILY day for Gabby and Lily, and this song says it all! God Bless America, My home sweet home! YEs all three of these angels you see are finally forever at their HOME SWEET HOME!


2 nice people had this to say:

Jenny said...

They were so cute! We're going to miss them next year!

William Michael said...

like what you did to the page. And I'm so glad I went to the girls graduation. I wish I could have staid for aarons.