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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Here is one of Gabby and Lily together. Lily asked to take one for PISINGOS! So here ya are Colombia! WE are coming up to our first Forever Family Day with the girls. We got them on May 28th 2007....Gabriella's 5th birthday!

Well today we had our spring fling at church. We finally all wore our FAMILY shirts! They are so cute! There is a heart for each one of the girls countries and one for AMERICA. The saying is "Andrews, four countries one family"

Michael come home this weekend, and tomorrow he needs to get a ingrown toenail cut out. I hope they can get him into the base as he needs to go back to work on Tuesday. Lyndsey made it safely to FL and has been napping all weekend she said...tomorrow is her big day. She will start her new job. I will let you know how it goes!

Bella got her fingers slammed in the front glass door this afternoon, and she has not been a happy camper....Well who would be!!! She is snuggling in Daddy's lap and will go to sleep soon. Here is a few pictures of today.. I bought our Tshirts at Shari is wonderful and she sells MANY awesome check her out!

4 nice people had this to say:

Jenny said...

I love the shirts! They're great!

Sarah said...

Love love love them!! I've been to that website many times over the past few years but have never ordered anything as we keep adopting from different countries. Once we feel we are done, we'll have to get shirts made.

Anonymous said...

CUTE shirt- love the pic! Your blog is stripey- I like it. I already forgot my blog password, so I'm anon. :)Susan

Emily said...

Awesome shirts! Your family always makes me smile, all of the girls are so beautiful!