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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


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My Mother's Day adventure was a good one! It started out with my son coming home for the weekend and having ALL 6 of my kids together.....then We went to church in the morning and after church we went to my favorite place to eat... PEACH PARK! This is about 30 min from my house by oh so wonderful. It is like a restaurant with a road side store with fresh fruits and vegies.......they sell the best BBQ in the south and the most wonderful homemade peach pie and peach ice cream!!! Oh so good. They have a nice outside area with walking trails, family swings, a creek, and best of all at the top of the walking trails is a nice playground area for the kids. ALl 6 of my kids had a great time. This was so fun! We then come home after about 4 hours at peach park and the girls went outside and played some more! They all love it outside.
Michael spent some more time with his buddies before having to head back to Fl on Monday morning. Enjoy the pics of our day!
ALSO.................My Giovanna's birthday is today Sunday May 11th. She turns 6 yrs old. She woke up to find a huge stuffed birthday cake on her bed (I do this with all the kids the morning of "their" day. Found this at Claire's a few years back and they love it) and then Michael went out to check the mail, I forgot to on Sat and found a birthday card from Grandma Glenda and Grandpa John......THAT HIT THE SPOT! My girls are the biggest fans of all 3 Shrek movies and this was a Shrek birthday card that had music! Thanks Glenda, Giovanna loved it but as you can see so did all the others! Excuse the messy Den, I had been doing laundry on Sat night!

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Dolores said...

CUUUTE!!! Love seeing the girls live!