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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well we are gonna make an offer.....

Plus for all you local people out there listen up:

WE are gonna list our house for sale...4 br 3 ba 2300 sq ft tri level home. 2 mastor bedrooms, 2 reg size rooms, nice fenced yard, larger yard as we are in a cul de sac, SMOKE free! carpet and hardwood floors, nice large covered back porch with 2 fans....we are listing low so we can just sell and move on...asking only $149 K

Also, I have TONS of girls clothes, toys, sand and water table, mini pool, double jogging stroller, twin front and back stroller, house hold stuff....lots im ready to sell!!! So if your local, please call ready to MAJORly CLEAN HOUSE! I could definitly have a yard sale every weekend...

Let me know if you are looking for any paricular size girls clothes and what season, and i will see what i have...i think its a sin for us to have as many clothes as we do, but with wonderful friends who pass along, my terrible obsession of yard sales, my love to sew boutique fun things for the girls, consignment sales and my love to BARGAIN shop....we do have plenty!

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Emily said...

Good luck with selling! We just went through the same scenario (put an offer on a home with a contingency to sell ours, the sellers accepted). It's kind of stressful but luckily just yesterday it worked out, barely! Another offer was placed on the home we want to buy then 1 HOUR later, we received a decent offer on ours! Yikes! So we will be moving in 2 weeks.