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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kennedy update...

Several people have emailed me and said you were praying for sweet Kennedy...Please keep it up. Her mom left me a comment the other day that simply said "Thank you for all your prayers!" Please keep them going up! Here is a update from their blog...

Kennedy slept REALLY well last night, our nurse kind of just let us be after her meds were taken so we both slept hard. She did still run a fever most of tonight and almost all day today. Her blood work and UA came back normal, but they're still waiting to see if the cultures grow out anything. Kennedy has been in great spirits today. I've gotten lots of giggles and for PT we went down to a play room and she sat unassisted. She was really wobbly so we were right there to catch her, and she needs to learn her limits on leaning forward to grab toys and stuff, but she's getting there.

She also stood up holding my hands and with the PT behind her for support and walked a couple steps and then she stood at a table and played with a toy for a few minutes. So, slowly buy surely, she's getting there. This afternoon we were able to wash her hair, which was so incredibly gross with matted blood and other lovely things, and then my mom came and stayed with Kennedy, and Frank, the kids and I went to the All you can eat ice cream festival to raise money for Leukemia. We're all sick to our stomachs now, but hey, it was for a good cause! :)

Anyway, we're pretty much just hanging out now as Kennedy gets stronger. This fever may just be the thing that keeps us here... she has to be fever free for 48 hours and that's not happening today, for sure!! Keep praying this darn fever goes AWAY!

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Thank you for continuing to post and pray!!! :)