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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our weekend in review

Ok several folks have been emailing me waiting for a update..Gesh, didnt know that many folks really followed our crazy lives....LOL

Anyway, for the 4th we just hung around the parents totally SURPRISED us and drove up from Troy and actually stayed ALL DAY! What a nice time to visit. My mom helped me move several of my sewing things, table, fabric, etc upstairs to Lyndsey's room, Im taking over one side of her room... We ate some yummy food, the girls played..Lyndsey stopped by for a few hours....Mike called....he was still in FL having to work.....boy fun!

Saturday, we hung doors and then our friends Leigh, Wesley and their kiddos come over. We havent gotten together with them in a long time and we must do it again soon! Sad, we live so close, and never do that!

Sunday, we are lazy to start out...We played hookie from church and I started painting ALL the doors William had hung the other day. My hand is killing me now! I did 2 coats on them and did all the trim work as well. They look great. We have some more to get done, and Im hoping he will do them this week, because he has drill this coming weekend and he will not get anything done around the house..... I really want to get them all painted and get the house looking good so hopefully we can get a offer! I will be SO MAD, if the next house we buy does not already have these 6 panel doors, because they are a pain to paint!

Well Im heading to bed....i hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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Kevin and Tammy said...

Sounds like a great weekend. It is fun to read what keeps others busy.