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Sunday, July 13, 2008

LeapFrog Leapster system...

Giovanna and Lily have really shown an interest in the LeapFrog Leapster gaming system. The three older girls will start kindergarten in the fall, and I think this would be a great educational tool for them to learn with while actually having fun doing it.

We are looking for these systems and games to go along with them. If you have anything along these lines will you please let me know. We just dont have the money to run out and get something along these lines for each girl at the same time...Lily's birthday is on Sept 9th and I would love to find her one by then. We would love the pink one but will entertain any color!

Thanks so much!!!

2 nice people had this to say:

Amanda said...

I don't have any or know of anyone who does but I will keep you in mind if I run across anything.

Anonymous said...

Target had them on clearance last time I was there. Might want to check that out. Shelby has the pink one and LOVES it!!