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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My husband gave me a surprise!!!

He took Monday off!!! And guess what he did?????

He finished hanging ALL the interior door and put up all the now I really need to get busy painting. They look great. We both laughed and said that we may just need to stay right here in our quiet house in the cul de sac....we are getting everything fixed up, the way we wanted it 3 yrs ago, and who knows what will happen.


Lily was his big helper all day! She followed him around from room to room handing Daddy his tools. It was too cute! She loves to be a helper! I have been posting things on our local freecycle all weekend, and things are really starting to "move" on outta here~

Well its the beginning of a new day...Tuesday....the girls and I need to head to the dreaded pick up some grocery's...Is everyone else seeing a HUGE increase in their grocery tab these days??? William said we need to eat spagetti 3 times a week....a cheap meal for all of us...$4.... and the girls love it!!! However, we both would oh so get sick of it and QUICK! What kinds of meals are you all making for your crew, on a budget, that they love??

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Kevin and Tammy said...

It is hard to sell when you get things the way you want them. We remodeled our last house and then moved. It is hard to leave and then know someone has changed everything you did and were so proud of. The prices at the store are going up.

Mi Musings said...

Have you tried Angel Food? You cant beat the prices. It's really been a help to us. There is one location in Millbrook. Check out the website.

Julie said...

Chicken and Yellow Rice is fairly cheap and my boys love it! Beef Tips and Rice, Hamburgers with chips (we buy the large pre-pattied box from Wal-Mart and use it til it's gone).

We also used Angel Food Ministries before Hubby developed his allergy to milk products. They have reasonable prices and good food.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about us getting together in Clanton!!! Things are just crazy busy around here.

carol said...

I have 2 different dishes my crew likes that are pretty cheap to make

baked goulash
1 pounds hamburger
1 cup cooked elbow noodles( i dont use that much just eyeball it ususally about 1/2)
1 can tomato soup
2 cups water
1 tablesoppn sugar
top with cheese of your choice
bake 30-40 minutes

i usually double this recipe
put cheese on about 10 minutes before done.

is easy cheap and taste good.

2nd recipe
i used to run a day care and this one the kids favorite. we are having this one tonight my kids love it.

hot dog casseerole

3-4 cans creamed corn
sliced potaotes ( already cooked judge amount of potaotes you think looks right)
1 -2 pkg hotdogs
salt & pepper

mix together and cook for about 30 minutes

hope these can help
there is also one called mexican chicken if you want it let me know it takes a few more ingredents.

all of them are good for leftovers
carol n

carol said...

I sent you a couple of recipes did you recive them? If not I can email them to you let me know.
carol n

Tammy and Parker said...

Pictures? Where are the pictures?

narretto said...

Thanks for checking my blog the other day. Can you girls eat tacos, they dont cost too much? How about ground beef with gravy and mashed potatoes, my kids love that and you dont have to worry about hard shells. Hope this helps