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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Once again ...update post on Kennedy

I have been blog stalking all day waiting for a update on it is fresh from her MOMMA! We are praying for you Renee and Kennedy....

Kennedy's fever has gone up to 101.6, and since her normal is 97.4, that's kind of high. They are not as worried about how high it is as they are about the fact that they can't get it down. She took some Tylenol and they have her covered in cool rags and have a fan blowing on her. Respiratory came in and gave her a breathing treatment just in case it's pneumonia starting. She sounds a little rattly (is that a word?) when she breathes, but nothing too serious. Her heart rate is pretty high, but they say that's probably due to the fever. Just please pray that this is just a post-op fever that will go away soon and not an infection starting anywhere. Also, her hip is really hurting her where they took the bone. Her nurse just brought her in a booster of morphine. Thank you all for covering her in prayer!

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