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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Please pray for Kennedy

Today is the day that sweet Kennedy is having her spinal fusion surgery. She is such a sweet little girl, and I have loved following her family for the last year online with their blog. Please pray for her, her family and especially that the Lord will guide the Dr's hands.

Here it is perfectly put from Meredith over at Cornish adoption journey:

So... what is it that Kennedy has? Well, you guessed Down syndrome, but the other two major things affecting her right now are that she is just now ONE YEAR post-diagnosis with AML (Leukemia). She spent many months undergoing chemotherapy and is now CANCER FREE! That would be 'in the past' now, but we all know that cancer is a scary thing that sometimes raises its nasty head multiple times. The other major issue right now is why I'm writing this to you all. Kennedy has a combination of conditions called AAI and AOI which means that the vertebrae at the base of the head/neck have too much space in between them and they cause her to have instability in that area. Basically, a fall, a minor car accident, or any other jarring of her neck could cause her to be paralyzed.

Please pray for her this morning.....

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