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Monday, June 30, 2008

Giovanna and the ear infection....

My sweet Giovanna gets so sick by such the slightest things.....She now is just getting over upper respiratory infection and now has a NASTY I mean NASTY ear infection. It started towards the middle of last week, with the grinding of the teeth (usually does this and within days she has ear infection or upper respiratory infection) and then rubbing her ear...over the weekend we noticed the outer ear was totally red, and scabbed up... By yesterday she was actually telling me "boo boo" so today we headed off to the Dr' and 4 little girls! The Dr said she had a REALLY nasty ear in and outside infection, and eye infection and upper respiratory! Oh what FUN!! LOL She really is a trooper though...she doesn't ever complain..(that is the one thing I HATE about Down Syndrome...they just don't really feel the pain until its too late) She is now on 3 different meds, for ears, eyes and antibiotics for the poor baby!

All the girls did well at the Dr's. William showed up just about as we were done, and they went wild. They love their daddy! He had a dental appointment so he dropped into ped's to see us. Once we were done,I had him pick up all the meds (being in uniform gets you to the front of the line) and I headed upstairs to get some shots! Oh was Lily happy...NOT! She needed her last shot so she can start kindergarten in the fall, and Bella needed another shot as well. So Daddy got to hold them all down. So glad he showed up! I then loaded everyone up and headed north to the house, we stopped at Wendy's for a hamburger and then home to eat.

Crazy day but overall a good one!

Michael left this morning heading back to FL. He always hates to go...Lyndsey will be back up here for the 4th...but I think staying at her friends....

Im trying to decide what to do with the girls this week to have some fun...anyone have any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Praying that Giovanna gets better real soon the poor little girl. Hope you all have a great 4th
Tammy RR

William Michael said...

O i wish i could be home for the fourth, to hear mom yell in here sleep about the stupid kidz shooting fireworks..haha I love you mom

wvamom said...

Rita, when our "big kids" were little our oldest daughter led a Fourth of July parade down our street. She put the little ones in a wagon, we gave them little flags to wave, they wore their red white and blue outfits, and paraded up and down the street. They had a great time! Wonder if your kids would like that? Especially if they can see a "big" parade first.

Anonymous said...


sounds like you had one rowdy day yesterday!!

glad dad was there to help you with the shots, Lord knows that you were going to need that help!

Meem's and Pops are talking about coming for the 4th. no definite plans yet though...just thought i'd fill you in incase you didn't know! LOL.
ILY <3


Graham Shenanigans said...

Rita, sorry to hear about sweet baby girl. I am sure Wendy's make everything better though.

I don't know what we are doing yet, but would love to get together and let hte kids swim. I even thought about Wind Creek.??