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Friday, August 29, 2008


Isabella is back to her bossy self...LOL She is still walking with a slight limp but she is at least walking. I took her to school today and she was so excited to be there....first time all week.

We dont have school on Monday due to the Holiday but will resume next Wednesday.

giovanna and Gabby had a great day again.....they both seem to like school....Thanks Mrs. Smith, Mrs Johnson, Mrs. Landry, Mrs Knowles, Siri and whom ever we are forgetting.....thanks for giving my girls a enjoyable day while away from home. Giovanna is doing very well being in total inclusion.....PTL!

Well my big babies are coming home this weekend so I will once again have all 6 of my "babies" in one house.... Lyndsey and Michael will be 19 in just 4 short weeks....WOW Where did my time with them go???? Lily is turning 5 yrs old on the 9th and she is just too thrilled to be having her special day soon!!!!

I hope everyone has a nice long weekend in case I dont get to update you all on our family weekend....


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