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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Talk about HUGE relief!!!

Yesterday Isabella decided while I was doing house work, she was going to as well....Well what kind of house work is standing in the trashcan once emptied????? I dont know but it doesnt work crashed down and wouldnt get up!!! She had hurt her foot somehow and would not put any pressure on her feet at all!!! I watched it, gave her motrin, fed her and put her down for a nap....when she got up, she still didnt want to walk. She crawled any where she wanted to go, and still at bed time she would not put pressure on her this morning off to the DR we went. We spent 3 hours in prime ed and then had enough time to eat and head to the orth Dr. They wanted to make sure she had not broken it....i think she just has a good sprain. She still doesnt watn to add pressure to it...but no swelling or i guess we will see.

For all the time we waited in the ortho's waiting room and when they called us back to the room.....oh talk about a long 3-4min is all he seen her!!! URG! Cant wait to see that bill. What a mess!!!!!!

I will let you all know how she does latter tonight.....

Im going to a moms night out for dinner!!! Yippy!!!

2 nice people had this to say:

William Michael said...

i hope Isabella didnt hurt herself to bad.

Amy said...

How is she doing? Poor little thing! Hope you had a nice relaxing dinner with your other moms!:)