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Monday, September 29, 2008

The big new is.....

In the wee hours of the morning 19 years ago my life changed forever!!! I became a mother!!!! I became a mother to not one but TWO beautiful babies!!! A boy and a girl!!!
I never knew the joy that would come when I became a mother....but I soon learned! My husband and I were just shy of 20 yrs old, married alittle less than a year and our life really had just begun. Lyndsey and Michael, started out being really fussy, so we didnt get much sleep!! After several weeks they finally got in some what of a routine and our life started to slow down a bit. Neither one of them decided they wanted to sleep all night long until they were almost 1 yr old....I thought I would die!!!! I was totally sleep deprieved. William was in college and working full time so I mostly had the babies by myself. My parents lived 30 min away and they too were in college. My dad was in seminary and my mom going for her teaching they werent always able to help out....but they did the best they could. About once a week they kept the babies over night so i could get back some sleep, I had lost during the week...LOL! Eventually we came into our daily routine and everything was great. I am so thankful for my God giving me these two babies to care for and raise in a Godly home. MY life is forever changed!!!
Lyndsey and Michael ---
Know that Daddy and I love you very much!!! You are the reason that we know the Lord gave us the desire for more children.....for adoption!! You truely inspire me in just knowing the young man and woman you have become....We love you forever!!!
I love you my babies...Mom

7 nice people had this to say:

Collin and Amanda said...

Oh how wonderful!

Happy Birthday Lyndsey and Michael!

Graham Shenanigans said...

Awwwww. How sweet. They have turned into some great little adult people!! Great job, Rita and william.

The Sapersteins said...

Happy Birthday! You are such a loving mother, and I am thankful for people like you who open their hearts to childre needing to be adopted! You are AMAZING!

Sarah said...

Yeah, I was right. Congratulations once again, it's twins!!

AZmomto8 said...

That is wonderful, I celebrate with you! Happy birthday to Lyndsey and Michael.

Terri said...

I knew twins was part of it!
Happy birthday to your beautiful twins!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy birthday to us! It's official...I'm an old lady!

Thanks for a fantastic weekend at home! It's always needed!!!

I love you!