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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear Anonymous:

I got this comment today and wanted to respond to you and anyone else out there wondering about adoption.... Please email me at and I would love to share with you our process....I will work on a post sometime in the future for this as well.
I have been looking at you blog for sometime... I have not gotten up the nerve to even try it yet but I just wanted to tell you that your girls are a blessing... Me and my husband werent able to have children and we have been considering adoption.... I would like to know a bit more about it... Maybe you can do a blog about the process... Thank you... You are a very blessed lady.....

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Fran Taylor said...

Hi this is anonymous thank you so much for posting something back... I finally treaded out into the waters of the internet hole and attempted to make a page... I have a total of one blog but everyone that I have looked at is quite great ..... I will talk it over with my husband and we will email you soon... I added you as one that I am following ... I left a comment on one of your friends pages and then they went to private I hope I didnt do something wrong Im gonna attempt to apologize to her if I offended her... Thanks Fran